About Us

At Arfano, we believe that we can make the wishes and aspirations of the people of the world a reality and that we can improve the world economy through trade and serve all the people of the world.

arfano trading group

The general activities of the Arfano Group include trade and contracting penalties, sales, production, equipment, distribution and export and import.

in arfano , we have the possibility of importing and exporting any products to each country , but we have a wide range of activity in three areas and a kind of producer and exporter .We are in areas such as:

  • Oil and gas and petrochemical industries
  • Healthcare Products
  • IT & Networking Products & Services
  • Textiles, clothing and textiles
  • Sale, import and export of nuts
  • Agriculture
  • Livestock, poultry and aquatic animals
  • Related equipment and information technology, nanotechnology, telecommunications and electricity and electronics
  • Light and heavy machines and machines
  • Textiles, clothing and textiles

Our Products

We can import and export the following products for any country.

Of course, this does not mean that we only work on these 3 products, our main products are the following, but we may also work on other products at the request of clients.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

arfano is a dynamic company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing unique and innovative products in the Healthcare industry

iT & networking

arfano provides IT and networking solutions and has a proven track record of providing efficient, effective and reliable IT infrastructure, support and software to businesses and private users.

Oil & Gas

Production and export of the best oil & gas products with the design of world brands to all countries of the world with the best support and services

Our Mission

arfano™ Group is a multinational company with activities in major fields including stone, nuts, clothing, energy, technology, and healthcare. Our leadership team and strategic advisory board are composed of a diverse set of industry experts.

Our Vision

arfano™ Group continues to diversify into new commodities, markets, and segments. We are also investing in strategic assets and acquisitions to complement our portfolio of activities across the globe.

arfano’s vision is to become the world benchmark for the International Tradesector. In order to realize this vision, arfano™ aims to provide customers with high quality products that suit customers’ needs by employing the latest production technologies.

Awards & Achievement

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